We’re all fucked now!

Keith Olbermann had this to say about the MCA.  If you haven’t read it yet, you should. 

Tuesday’s signing of the Military Commissions Act has much greater implications than most people can imagine.  It doesn’t just mean we’ve surrendered our last great freedom to our government.  It also means to me that John Titor was right, and that is some very, very bad news. 

This watershed event in our nation’s history has silenced all the disbelievers of John Titor’s talk of an American civil war with our own government.  With the implementation of the MCA, Habeas Corpus is gone, the Geneva Convention is suspended, and the indefinite detention and torture of American citizens in military prison camps has been authorized.  Any doubts I had about the veracity of John’s predictions have completely evaporated.  There is no question we have been at war with our own government for our freedom and this has just escalated the conflict another notch.  Anyone can see what’s going on now.

Bush must be impeached immediately.  This man and his cronies are out of control, and our Constitution isn’t protecting us as it was designed to do because they think we’re too busy watching American Idol to care what they get away with.  Terrorism is just a straw man being used to justify the elimination of the freedoms and rights granted to us by our Constitution.  George W. Bush is the terrorist. 

We have been given an incredible glimpse at the future path to which these events will inevitably lead if we don’t do anything about it, and we cannot allow the rest of those horrible things to come to fruition.  Imagine if someone had told the Romans in 400 AD that their lead water pipes were poisoning them, and that the corruption of their flawed political system would destroy their entire empire if they didn’t fix it immediately? Well here we are 1600 years later, and pharmaceutical companies are poisoning us and our leaders are corrupting our political system.  We must stop the Bush regime from destroying this, the greatest country, indeed the greatest civilization, the world has ever known.

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