Should talking on a cell phone in the car be illegal?

Should any non-criminal behavior be criminalized?  I think the more important question is, how many more of your freedoms do you want to leave up to a politician to decide for you?  Haven’t we allowed them too much latitude already? Our founding fathers believed that people can and should govern their own behavior, and the pursuit of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness should be left to us. Hundreds of thousands of soldiers have died attempting to protect our freedoms for us over the last two centuries, and it is an insult to them and to the wisdom of our predecessors that we continue to allow a few thousand tyrants to strip freedom away from 300 million of the rest of us. The more freedoms we empower these tyrants to take away from us, the more they’ll feel justified in taking away other freedoms as well.  Precedents are set and referenced by other politicians and lawyers for future policymaking, followed by phony statistics to convince us that we’re all safer. I don’t want to be safer, and I don’t want you manipulating my countrymen with the false promise of it either.  Freedom is more important than safety.  If you let politicians take away your freedom in exchange for safety, you’ll simply have less of both.

And of course, politicians won’t have to abide by these laws because we’ve allowed them to be above the laws they’ve created. Just look at the Kennedys and that Foley guy. I have no sympathy for politicians who are ensnared in the foolish laws they’ve created for the rest of us – but they still get away with breaking them anyway.  Why do we allow this to continue?

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