I’m here in Seattle from Chicago, and am a succesful consultant and an accomplished pilot. I’m a happy, healthy, bold, confident, self-made man who drives fast cars, flies planes and jumped out of a perfectly good one for the hell of it. I’ve been a technology consultant to Fortune-50 corporations in every major industry you can think of, and I even worked in the US Congress on Capitol Hill.  I’ve had a python for a pet, and I’ve ridden a 17-hand stallion at full gallop. Bareback.

I keep my life simple and enjoy restoring old sports cars, offroading in the mountains, watching movies with lots of explosions, the usual guy stuff, ‘cept I’m not so much into watching sports. Especially the ones with grown men playing with balls.

I bring a wealth of life experience, wisdom, maturity, common sense and a unique perspective on the world. I don’t have children because I can’t.  I wear the scars of my past proudly, because I remember the fun I had putting them there.

I don’t eat vegetables, because I’ve never liked them and I’m a grown man who does as he damn well pleases. I cook when fire and meat are involved. I like my food five-star spicy, my wine dark and sultry, my steak bloody rare, and my cheese warm and blue. Doesn’t matter to me if you don’t.

I can fix anything and am highly improvisational – when things go sideways I’m the one who stays calm, takes charge of the situation and figures something out while everyone else freaks out. Nothing scares me, little surprises me, and I always see both sides of a situation. I am forthrightly honest, pragmatic and outspoken, all of which is manifested through these pages.

This is the public weblog of David M. Donovan. Any resemblance to persons past, present or future is purely coincidental. It has been produced using only 100% recycled electrons, and no animals were harmed during the rendering of its contents on your screen.