Ugly crying little babies

 I found this hilarious essay by Jim Walker on another site and just had to share it.  Here’s an excerpt.

Why do you suppose that baby animals look so much cuter than human babies? Puppies, kittens, ducklings, and almost any young mammal or bird you can think of, have an irresistible charm to them. Their furry (or feathery) little bodies, large eyes (in proportion to their bodies), makes one just want to pet them and take care of them. People feel good around baby animals. But when it comes to human babies, just the opposite reaction occurs. I find nothing appealing about a newly born human baby. Of course this comes from my male biased perspective and surely mothers have some sort of in-born instinct to love their own spawn (which explains the jokes about ugly children that only a mother could love). But honestly, just look at them. They have bulbous heads, beady little eyes, chubby little bodies, bald heads, bad teeth, and their arms and legs look like something a deformed dwarf would have. Ugly, unappealing, scary even. And they have no morals. If you took an old helpless bald man with no teeth and scaled him quarter size, you’d basically have a baby.

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