Top 10 reasons to choose Android vs iPhone

1.  You can change batteries or carry an extra for an Android.
2.  Internal memory is on an SD card you can enlarge at any time, and take with you to your next phone.
3.  Google Maps Navigation is vastly superior, includes turn-by-turn spoken directions and destination photo.
4.  Notifications are vastly superior to iPhone. Consolidated in upper right and easy to ignore individual notifications with a swipe.
5.  Any app available for iPhone is available on Android Play Store as well.
6.  Free Wifi tethering on Android for your tablet or laptop.
7.  4G has been available on Androids for almost five years, and the newest network technologies are always available on Androids years before Apple gets around to implementing them.
8.  Far greater variety of phones and software customizations on Android.
9.  No physical slider keyboard available on iPhone.
10. Address Book is organized and sorted more intuitively on Android by First Name, Last Name.  Backwards and confusing listing of Last Name, First Name on iPhone.

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