Reviewing my absentee voter ballot…

So are you caving in to the two-party system and accepting these two lousy candidates?  I’m not giving either one of them my vote, and there are lots of other choices on the ballot in Washington State.  A year ago I would’ve voted for Ron Paul, but he chose poorly and tried to seek the Republikan party nomination when he should’ve gone for the Libertarian party.  Now he’s dropped out altogether and endorsed Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution party.

The only two choices on the ballot I’m considering are Chuck Baldwin and Bob Barr.  Two of the others actually have “Socialist” in their Party names and the other is Ralph Nader.  No thanks.

I may not be voting for a winner, but I’m voting my conscience, not how I think others are going to vote.  The system is fucked and needs to be repaired.  The media elite have brainwashed us into thinking that the Lemming Party candidates are the only two viable choices, and I refuse to comply.  Again those in control of these parties have us choosing from the lesser of two evils, but they’re really just two faces of the same evil.  Both of them voted for the Patriot Act and will continue its relentless invasion into our private lives and down the path of tyranny.  Neither of them will lead us out of Iraq.  They both supported the embezzlement of our treasury and neither of them will solve our economic woes without piling on more government, which is like trying to put out a fire by dousing it with gasoline.  The choice to me is either to vote alternative or not to vote at all, and only the latter sends the message to register my dissatisfaction.  Right now it looks like Bob Barr’s ties to the Christian right are way too close for my comfort, so it’s either Chuck Baldwin or a write-in for Ron Paul.

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