Blogging by the pros is getting on my nerves

As much as I welcome the rapid-journalism-environment of blogging, I long for the now-bygone days of editors. I come across more grammatical, spelling and confusing multiple-rewrite sentence errors now from the big boys of journalism that are downright embarrassing, and make reading these “posts” (rather than articles) a chore of trying to figure out which word the author was trying to use and distracts me from the content of the article. Here’s a particularly glaring example, from which I trackbacked this post:

Despite being legimately stripped of its poster child status by George, Craigslist is still be paraded around as example of the world that awaits us if something isn’t done and done soon to guarantee neutrality.

– David Berlind

Three errors in one sentence alone.

Update: Proving it’s gone beyond mere occasional mistake to near epidemic, the following is a direct quote from the ZDNet headlines by Dan Farber:

After 30 aquisitions totally nearly $7 billion, EMC still gets most of its estimated $11 billion in revenue from storage sales.

I know you guys need to get your articles out as fast as you can these days, but please – either re-read your posts and do a better job of self-editing them, or send them through an editor first!

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