A Public Service Announcement for the Film and Music Industries

The following is an unpaid Public Service Announcement for the leaders of the Film and Music Industries.

  • Give us our role models back and stop portraying men as weak, helpless, pathetic, softer-sided, women-worshipping wimps. Your films have fostered two generations of panty-waisted crybaby wussbags with not a clue what it means to be a man.
  • Give us our heroes back. Give us leading men who are strong, bold, decisive, powerful and good-looking without being prettyboys. Men like Clint Eastwood, Harrison Ford, Anthony Hopkins and Tommy Lee Jones. Keep the Orlando Blooms in the chick flicks.
  • Tell us stories written by story-writers, not by comic-book artists, or screenwriters with only a glimmer of imagination who are just re-hashing old films and ideas that weren’t any good the first time around.
  • Stop trying to turn every remotely successful film into a “franchise.” We didn’t need three Pirates of the Caribbeans, we didn’t need three Spider-Mans, we didn’t need three Shreks or three Austin Powerses, we don’t need a third Fantastic Four, and we definitely don’t need another Ricky Bobby. But somehow I know, since you dumped the first stinkers on us, you’re going to dump some more as well.
  • Stop trying to turn a 5-minute idea on a Saturday Night Live comedy skit into a 90-minute film with those annoying SNL flunkie comics.
  • Stop assuming that big-budget special effects can be substituted for a weak plot.

Moviegoers will thank you with healthier box-office and DVD dividends.

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