4th of July Cruise – Photos

These photos were taken with my new Sprint Power Vision camera phone. Their quality is a lot better than previous camera-phone pictures I’ve taken!

Click the thumbnail to view the full-size image. Hold your mouse over the thumbnail to see comments.

The Gates Compound.This yacht came up on us and bombed us with water balloons...Then took off in a hurryAbbyCrossing from Lake Union to Lake Washington1042005974_ORIG.jpg1042005977_ORIG.jpgCurly Kim1042005998_ORIG.jpg1042006011_ORIG.jpg1042006017_ORIG.jpg1042006024_ORIG.jpg1042006034_ORIG.jpg1042006038_ORIG.jpg1042006040_ORIG.jpgSunset on Lake WashingtonThose lights are all boats on the lakeFlying the Flag

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